New Relational Aesthetics Project

We’re presenting a new relational aesthetics project at the American Society for Theatre Research Conference in Baltimore this weekend: FOREWORD (after Talk Piece, after Afterword, after Truer Words).

A site-specific durational performance unfolding throughout the time-space of the American Society for Theatre Research Conference 2014: “What Performs?”, FOREWORD blurs the boundary between performance and scholarship and reflects upon the ways in which scholars perform their ideas. Bracketing our experience at ASTR as a situated, dialogic performance, the work asks, “What performs?” within formal and informal intellectual discourse.

The work begins on Thursday, November 20 at 8:00am when the ASTR Executive Committee Meeting commences, and ends on Sunday, November 23 at 12:30pm when the conference ends.

To signify your participation in the performance, we invite you to wear a
“(performing)” button, which you can obtain from the registration desk or from SALYER + SCHAAG.

This performance is part of the PerformASTR program curated by Brian Herrera.

Post or tweet an image of you and/or others performing with your (performing) buttons! ‪#‎performastr‬