Thinking and Doing, Theory and Practice, Art and Scholarship

SALYER + SCHAAG is part of a local, national, and international network of artist-scholars and scholar-artists who are invested in forging rich connections between artistic and scholarly research and exploration.  We are passionate about creative scholarship, experimental theory, embodied cognition, performance-as-research, and many other permutations and cross-pollinations between art and scholarship, theory and practice.  This work is by nature collaborative and interdisciplinary, and we are enthusiastic about meeting and working with theorists and practitioners in a variety of forums.  Contact us if you’d like to be part of this ongoing conversation!

* At PSi19 (Performance Studies International Conference) in June 2013 at Stanford, we convened a roundtable / theory-practice praxis session, “Performance and Scholarship, in Theory and in Practice,” with 13 scholar-artists:  Annette Arlander, Laurie Beth Clark, Erin Hood, Ralo Mayer, Didier Morelli, Jennifer Parker-Starbuck, Michael Peterson, Heike Roms, Theron Schmidt, Carolyn Shapiro, Beth Stephens, Mark Sussman, and Ryan Tacata.
View the abstract for the session and instructions for audience participation here
View the panelists’ questions for discussion and theory-practice statements here

* At M/MLA (Midwest Modern Language Association) in November 2013 in Milwaukee WI, we convened a Special Session, “Art and Scholarship, in Theory and Practice,” with a lively discussion over papers / roundtable format.  Our panelists were Caroline Carlsmith, Sarah Heston, The Romanticist Research Group of New York University (Veronica Goosey, Omar Miranda, and Randall Sessler), and Koala Yip.
View the abstract for the session here
View the panelists’ paper abstracts here

* At the Center for the Humanities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we are co-organizing a 2013-2014 A.W. Mellon Workshop, “Art and Scholarship, in Theory and Practice,” with River Bullock, Jill Casid, Lauren Hawley, Kat Lieder, Sylvie Rosenthal, and Anna Vitale.
You can find updates about events here and here

* At the University of Wisconsin-Madison we have recently formed an interdisciplinary branch of the international Performance Philosophy research network with Erin Briddick, James Burling, Jeff Casey, Kat Lieder, Megan Marsh-McGlone, Jon McKenzie, Dijana Mitrovic, Frederic Neyrat, Michael Peterson, and Sandy Peterson.  We’re excited to announce that the Madison Performance Philosophy Collective has been awarded a grant from Performance Philosophy for our Spring 2014 event, “Embodying Thought, Theorizing Practice, Performing Philosophy.”  This theory-practice symposium will be a space for the robust community of Madison performance-philosophers and philosopher-performers to showcase their current work, theorize together about the intersections between their own scholarly and artistic practices, stage philosophical discussion as performance, and generate new knowledge.

* We are currently participating in Leslie Hill, Helen Paris, and Ryan Tacata‘s  Practice Based Research in the Arts course at Stanford, which aims to create an international network of artist-scholars.