Collaboratory: Serious Play


Collaboratory:  Serious Play is a workshop that we developed to create a space for collaborative experimentation with hybrid practices on the spectrum of art and scholarship. We originally co-led the workshop with Jon McKenzie in Lynda Barry’s Image Lab at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery as part of the A. W. Mellon Workshop, Art and Scholarship, in Theory and Practice.

Before the workshop, we posted some texts and objects that challenge our assumptions about what characterizes art vs. scholarship on the workshop blog’s Materials page, and after the workshop we posted photos and videos on the Documentation page.

This art and scholarship workshop/collaboration focuses on playful, creative scholarship, with a particular focus on text and performance.  At the center of our inquiry will be performative scholarship, artistic play within scholarly research, and performance-as-research.  When and how is theorizing a creative act?  How can art theorize?  What intersections do we notice between creative writing and scholarly writing?  Activities will include:  experimental theory workshop, collaborative brainstorming, and translating and remediating ideas across scholarly, artistic, and hybrid forms and genres.

Bring Collaboratory: Serious Play into your classroom or event!
This workshop can be adapted for most audiences, and we can emphasize different exercises (writing, performing, collaboration) according to your needs.  Contact us if you’d like us to lead this workshop as part of your classroom or event programming!