Image/Text: The Performing Page


Image/Text:  The Performing Page is a workshop we developed to bring awareness and intention to how we make meanings with text and image.  We originally led this two-day workshop as part of Kristin Hunt‘s Summer 2013 course, “Art and Political Activism” (Integrated Liberal Studies Program, University of Wisconsin-Madison) at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.  The purpose of the workshop was to jumpstart students’ creativity for their class journal.  With a series of guided exercises, we encouraged students to link personal expression and social/political expression, while emphasizing experimentation and play.  During the first day of the workshop we focused on writing, drawing, and idea-mapping, and during the second day we focused on collage and sound.  On the blog for the workshop, we posted examples of “the performing page” and ultimately samples of our students’ fantastic work!

Bring Image/Text:  The Performing Page into your classroom or event!
This workshop can be adapted for most audiences, and we can emphasize different exercises (drawing, writing, collaging, sound) according to your needs.  Contact us if you’d like us to lead this workshop as part of your classroom or event programming!